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Advertising on Ticket Holders

Put your ad, along with the air ticket, directly into the hands of each departing traveler.。

When on overseas travel you need your passport and that all-important air ticket. We can get your ad on the back cover and the inside of the ticket holder which are used as a cover for the air ticket. At the time of check-in prior to boarding we can hand that ticket holder, with your ad prominently placed, over to each traveler checking in at the ticket counter.

The air ticket, along with the ticket holder is something that travelers carry with them throughout their entire journey until their return to Japan affording them countless opportunities to see the ticket holder with your ad. This is extremely effective in ensuring your ad and it's contents make a strong impact.
Presently, 94% of overseas travel from Japan is repeat travelers. It is possible to target the desires of these travelers who may be thinking, "Where do I want to go on my next trip?"
  • Location of Distribution

    • With Narita Airport as our main location for distribution we also conduct
      distribution campaigns at Haneda Airport and Kansai International Airports.
  • Distribution* Distribution Period

    • • 210,000 ticket holders are distributed each 3-month period.
      • 420,000 ticket holders are distributed each 6-month period.
      • 840,000 ticket holders are distributed per one year.
    • Ticket Holder
  • Details (Data Download)

Ticket Holder

Ticket Holder

Ticket Holder

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