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Advertising Information

Eye-Ai magazine is the only magazine in English introducing Japanese show business and culture as they are today in Japan. Eye-Ai was first published by Riverfield Inc. in 1977.

  • Eye-Ai Contents

    • Eye-Ai is the only monthly publication in English devoted entirely to Japanese entertainment and culture. Published in Tokyo for almost 35 years, Eye-Ai brings readers up-close-and-personal interviews with Japan's top entertainers and celebrities. What's more, content covers everything from enka to J-Pop to hip hop, with a generous amount of space dedicated to on stage and behind-the-scenes entertainment news. Get this month's news and views of popular artists, trendy dramas, hit TV shows, exciting stage productions, and the hottest concerts, not to mention the latest in fashion, travel destinations, cultural trends, and contemporary society—you are sure to see what you love in Eye-Ai!
    • Center Stage relates the contents of an interview of the top music performers
    • Entertainment Eye highlights the trends in all genres: music, TV, stage, movies, etc.
    • Eye on Culture introduces traditional and contemporary culture in Japan
    • Eye on Society gives the point of view of current residents in Japan
    • Eye on Trends tells about what is coming up among all ages in Japan
    • Eye on Fashion previews soon-to-be hottest fashion in Japan
    • In addition, articles on customs, arts and crafts, lifestyle, sports, etc. keep readers up-to-date with what is happening in Japan.
  • Eye-Ai Characteristics

    • * One and only entertainment and culture English-language magazine in Japan
    • * Repeat readership is extremely high
    • * Domestic and international distribution
    • * Available at all major bookstores in Japan
    • * Available for customers of all Mizuho Bank branches in Japan
  • Target Readership

    • Domestic:
      Non-Japanese long-term residents in Japan
      Tourists and visitors to Japan
      US service members and their families in Japan
      Japanese nationals with international perspective

    • International:
      People with longstanding interest in Japan
      Previous residents of Japan
      People of Japanese ancestry
      Individuals in the entertainment and hospitality industries
  • Circulation Information

    • Eye-Ai is sold the first of every month.
    • Total Circulation: 50,000 copies
    • International: 20,000 copies
    • Domestic: 30,000 copies
  • Main Retailers and Outlets

    • Domestic:
      Yohan-operated bookstores, major foreign language bookstores nationwide 76%
      International hotels in Metropolitan Tokyo 10%
      Others 14%
    • International:
      Hawaii Region 92.7%
      US Mainland 6.8%
      Canada, Southeast Asia, Other regions 0.5%
  • Specifications

    • A4 size 297mm X 210mm
    • Total pages: 48 pages including the cover
    • Printing Type: Offset printing
    • Book Type: Center staple
  • Details (Data Download)

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