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Subscriptions accepted by either e-mail or fax. Payment process is provided below.
Subject line: Subscription

[1] Name
[2] Address
[3] Subscription duration (1 year, 2 years, etc.)
[4] Desired start date (January 2011, etc.)

Fax: +81-3-3433-8608
Please provide the above information in the fax.

Payment methods


Domestic Subscriptions (within Japan)
Option 1: Registered cash envelope available at the post office.
Please send the envelope to the Riverfield Inc. address shown below.
Option 2: Postal account transfer.

  • Account name: Kabushiki-gaisha Riverfield
  • Account Number: 00120-2-108498
  • Kyosei Bldg. II 5F
  • 2-12-3 Shiba-daimon, Minato-ku,
  • Tokyo 105-0012 Japan
  • 03-3433-8602

International Subscriptions

Payment may be made in US dollars in the form of a personal check. Mail your check with the order to the Riverfield Inc. office to the Tokyo address shown below.

We have back issues available, so if you see something you like, we'd be happy to quote the price. Please ask!

Domestic Subscriptions

Term Price Others
2 years 10,120 yen Tax and shipping inclusive.
1 year 5,350 yen
6 months 2,720 yen

International Subscriptions-
For readers living in the United States.

Term Price Others
2 years $62.00 Tax and shipping inclusive.
1 year $33.00
6 months $18.00

For readers who are residents of the United States and want their
subscription sent via Hawaii.*

International Subscriptions-
For readers who live outside Japan and the United States.

Term Price Others
2 years $62.00 Tax inclusive.
1 year $33.00
6 months $18.00

Shipping Fee

Transportation Shipping Fee Area
Air Mail $3.30 USA
$2.60 Asia
$4.10 Other Areas
Sea Mail $1.50 All Areas

Note: Shipping fees are per-issue costs. Please be sure to add the total shipping fee to your subscription cost. For example, if you order a one-year subscription and choose the sea mail shipping method, please add $1.50 x 12 issues for a total of $18.00 to the subscription price.