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Via, the onboard magazine of the Airport Limousine Bus

A magazine that conveys the joy of seeing new places and meeting new people.

Via enhances the transfer between Narita or Haneda airports with Tokyo city center. Provided free-of-charge in the seat pocket of the Limousine Bus, via magazine is the perfect publication for relaxing, entertaining reading for the departing or returning traveler. Besides editorial content in Japanese and English, the magazine gives Airport Limousine Bus routes and other detailed information as well as floor plans and airline information of both international airports.

Via On-board magazine of the Airport Limousine Bus

Making via appealing for the weary traveler

Distinct editorial sections are one of via’s special features.

The Japanese-language section is specially designed to move the heart of the traveler.

Specially designed to move the heart of the traveler.

Special features in the Japanese- language section entice the traveler with narrative and photographs of destinations to consider for the next trip. Both international and Japan destinations are proposed.

Our photo-essay pages catch the eye and take the reader on a visual journey to intriguing destinations.

Eye-catching photo essays take the reader on a visual journey.

Exotic or familiar, the scenes on display intrigue the reader with a tantalizing taste of exciting destinations.

The English-language corner introduces Japan by conveying its traditional culture and arts.

Traditional culture and contemporary society.

International travelers can get a glimpse of the Japan waiting for their arrival in the English-language section. Selected to fit the season, content is visually appealing and attractively presented.

Informative guides to TCAT and Narita Airport are include for your convenience.

Informative guides to TCAT and Narita Airport enhance convenience.

The Limousine Bus routes are provided in an easy-to-understand graphical depiction to assist travelers in their navigation of the city.

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